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MUSIC MANIA: BLAST FROM THE PAST! Megadeth:Countdown to Extinction

I am really a heavy metal fan... well more or less a fan of all kinds of music... bottom line is i make it a point never to criticize anything (music that is) that has been recorded.. True there are some songs that I don't like (well who doesn't) but putting into consideration the effort the artist has put into the song to create the lyrics and and the harmony, the riffs etc... and to think it has been recorded for sale to the public... even though some don't really get the airplay they deserve or don't deserve.. but what i think is that when a musical piece has been replayed over and over on the radio or in any other form of media exposure that song becomes popular... no matter how stupid the lyrics or the tune is... thats a fact (anyone dare contest that).

Well being a frustrated rockstar (link supposed to be here, boss can you take care of this? taken cared of hehehehehe), i have been exposed to lots of influences.. and heavy metal is one of them.. some may think it's only gibberish.. it's noise and purely nonsense, well let me prove them wrong.. Some of the best lyrics were written by heavy metal artists.. You should listen to heavy metal love songs.. You could really relate to the lyrics..(more on this next time)..

Right now let me introduce you to Megadeth, i aint getting paid to write this but very few people heard their songs... and man they are clearly underrated particularly on their poetry (songwriting) let's take for example the song I am featuring here.. "Countdown to Extinction" by "Megadeth", just hearing the artist's name will repulse the faint-hearted but give me a chance to defend them.. hear me out.. hear them out..

This song is about animal species being wiped out by mankind.. Who would have thought a heavy metal band would sing about the environment.. well listening is believing.. hopefully boss will place a link here or whatever so you could here the song (i'm still a newbie at this).. My advice is to read the lyrics as the song is played.. I have made a convert out of boss and hopefully YOU! The lyrics are clearly sensible and without a doubt much better than most lyrics of newly formed bands.. There's more to the shunned heavy metal, long haired, tattered clothed, head banging "metals". Stereotyping has placed them as alcoholics, addicts and no-good citizens of society... Well most of them are indeed wrung with vices but who doesnt want to live like a "rockstar"... Fame and Fortune!

So here goes... Rock on!

Countdown To Extinction lyrics
(Dave Mustaine/Nick Menza/David Ellefson/Marty Friedman)

Endangered species caged in fright

Shot in cold blood, no chance to fight

The stage is set, now pay the price

An ego boost, don't think twice

Technology, the battle's unfair

You pull the hammer without a care

Squeeze the trigger that makes you Man

Pseudo-safari, the hunt is canned

The hunt is canned


All are gone, all but one

No contest, nowhere to run

No more left, only one

This is it, thisis the countdown to extinction

Tell the truth, you wouldn't dare

The skin and trophy oh so rare

Silence speaks louder than words

Ignore the guilt and take your turn

Liars anagram is "lairs"

Man you were never even there

Killed a few feet from the cages

Point blank, you're so courageous

So courageous


One hour from now

Another species of life form

Will dsiappear off the face of the planet forever

And the rate is accelerating


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