Saturday, July 5

Food for Thought: Frustrated Rockstar!

That's me! A "frustrated rock star"!! Well who isn't a frustrated "something"? Frustrated Basketball player, etc, etc... Tell me if you haven't thought before being someone who you are not right now? Did you imagine yourself being a Doctor? Lawyer? President of a country? Professional basketball player like Kobe or LeBron getting paid in millions of Dollars? Why do we always want to be someone else?

Naturally you would want to be someone who is "popular", "rich" and envied by others. But did you ever meet someone who wanted to be a farmer? A mechanic? Or even a waitress? A "promo" girl/boy? Or did you ever dream/wish that you would become a hooker. 100% no one would wish/want to be a loser.

Let me try to justify why we have farmers, mechanics, blue collared jobs, the "handy man".

Let me compare it to the human body, what is the most important part of your body? Logic tells us everything does its part. Where would we get our veggies/rice (rice shortage in the Phils, so they say) if we have no farmers? if we had no tricycle drivers how would we get from point a to point b?

Going back to me, I'm a frustrated rock star, frustrated lawyer, frustrated painter, frustrated writer, (frustrated dad?), frustrated computer engineer, frustrated Billiard player (I lost my second match by the way), (frustrated actor? hahahaah), frustrated football player, so on and so forth.. But I learned a lot from my frustrations, I now know a little of everything I wanted to be (jack of all trades?). And it made me what I am today.

Well if you should know, I played varsity soccer in high school, didn't make it in college (bench warmer). Failed the Bar Exams once in 2001, wasn't able to paint a single painting (I think)(I cant remember), had a short stint with a band in college as a bass player(I was able to perform live during the SU founder's day, played acoustic in Woodward little theatre, played in Hibbard with my buddy Bernard Catindig, and played acoustic guitar in the Luce Auditorium in front of a the whole college of business administration) and lately in the Company with which I am affiliated with on their 32nd anniversary.

Well whose frustrated? I'm not.. Be happy with what you've got.. Be thankful with what you've got..

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