Saturday, January 3


I'm back! After the Holiday break and a very long time of not caring to post, I think It's high time and the right time to share some of the blessings I got and "have"...

As most married couples experience, the husband or the wife usually has problems dealing with their Father or Mother-in-Law(Or so I hear.. Is this True?). The spouse needs time to get-to-know the parents of their partner.. And the cliche "First Impressions" really do hold true.. Sometimes you "click"(get along)-(for those who are slow) with both of them or none at all, or sometimes you click with one of them.. And to be honest(it's the new year after all)(start the new year right-so they say) I clicked with both of them..

But (hehehe here we go with the "buts")due to First Impressions and what we hear from other mouths, I clicked with one of my In-Laws immediately but ultimately clicked with the other when the dust settled.. And I could never thank her enough for the support she has given us(Me & Wifey). (hmmm her? she? well I guess it's no secret now heheheeheh). Thanks again Mom... And of course, thanks Dad.. You made me feel at home and made me feel welcomed.. "This is one of the greatest blessings that I realized this year".. And of course, how could I forget Wifey's Aunt(Mom-in-law's sis) and Uncle and their family, which I literally got close too..


Guess what my favorite In Law just gave me?

TANTANAAAAANNNNNN!(*suspense mode*)(drum roll please)

Heheheeh prolonging the agony...

If you could remember my previous post Frustrated Rockstar If ever you read it... well I may not be frustrated no more...

Here goes!!!!A brand new electric guitar! Complete with amps and the "works"...
This would be my second electric guitar, the first which I disposed off was a secondhand unit that I bought with my saved college allowance.. Now I have two (2) guitars. this new one and a ProMartin Acoustic guitar. ROCK ON!!!!
Frustrated Rockstar no more indeed!!!!
Being a Rockstar is just a state of mind! I may not have the other benefits that come with it (fame, fortune, "groupies" boss?) heheeh but deep inside I still feel Like One!!!

SO ROCK ON!!!!!!!!

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