Tuesday, August 18

Music Mania

So hubby has been asking me to find him a "How to Play Piano" book because he wants to learn how to. Sure, I'm the one who owns the piano BUT I still haven't learned how to do it! Crazy, isn't it?
Yeah well, he has been tinkering around the piano for about a few months now and he has picked up a few things here and there. Of course, since he knows how to play the guitar, he didn't have a hard time picking up. I know he's the musical "genius" in the family! hehehee
Anyway, because I was searching for awesome books online, I stumbled upon a site that offers free sheet music! I was really psyched to see this freebie online that I downloaded a few sheets already! I know hubby would want to do this because they also offer free piano lessons online aside from their free sheet music, neat isn't it?! Aside from the sheet music, he also wants me to find him some sites with piano chords and I think I found them! I can't wait to surprise hubby about the things that I have for him!

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