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What enters your mind first when you read or see this "THREE STARS AND A SUN!"?

For some it may mean nothing.. But for others it would mean "Patriotism"..
And you would ask Why? If you are a Filipino and reading this and asking why, well woe on you... Maybe you forgot the THREE STARS AND A SUN on your National Flag...

Here's a Picture in case you forgot...

The Picture you see at the start of this article shows me wearing a T-Shirt with the symbols of three Stars and a Sun... I was actually fortunate enough to acquire from one of my friend's friend who recently went to Manila (the Capital of the Philippines), this t-shirt line was actually thought of by a Local Artist of the Philippines, a Rap Icon in the 80's, Francis Magalona, Francism or Francis M. is the nick that he is more popularly known.. As I've heard from the news, he is battling Leukemia right now... You could check more or his designs at this site.

He also wrote and sang/rapped a song Three Stars and a Sun...

Patriotism for Sale anyone?

"Tumingin ka sa Pinanggalingan at ikaw ay makakarating sa Paroroonan!"

You can never deny who you are and where you came from! Change your hair color, bleach your skin, cosmetics, surgery?

I know of some who are not proud of their grass-roots.. I can't blame them, and I won't try to change their views... They Immediately Rush to admitting to being a Filipino when Manny Pacquiao, Efren "Bata" Reyes wins or when Arnel Pineda performs!

Bottomline, Be proud of Who You Are.. If You're not, then who are you? You would'nt have any Identity... You would'nt belong... You would be the unknown sitting at the corner at the High School Reunion, while others are rubbing elbows, having fun "Barrio Barrio" but at least they belong, and they pass by you as if you don't exist...

You can do what you want... But for me?

I'm ready to defend the Three Stars and the Sun!!!

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