Saturday, October 4

Weekly Fest: Now & Then

Now & Then

I hope I'm not too late girls! I've finally found and scanned a few of my old photos. Now, I know I have a few old photos with me because they're back in the Philippines tucked away in a box somewhere.

That first photo was taken for my preschool yearbook [read Portal 1991]. I don't have vivid memories of that photo shoot but I can recall my reluctance in posing for the camera. I was a total shy child years ago. Unfortunately, that's not the case today (wink*).

The second photo was taken during my awkward years in high school [Sophomore year]. Please note the braces; I hated them and yet, I'm all smiles!

The third photo was taken for my high school yearbook a few weeks after the Miss High School Pageant in 2000 which explains how thin I was! I lost a lot of weight back then - and gained them all back and then some a few years down the road!

The fourth photo was taken in Dipolog after our high school graduation. My barkada and I went to Dapitan and Dipolog to spend a week at Mami 'Pril and Ate 'Pril's (yes, both of them are named April) place. We wrecked havoc on the places where Jose Rizal once walked and toured his old abode. I thought it was quite appropriate for us to visit his shrine because our section was named Rizal.

In the fifth photo, I enthusiastically posed for the camera on my 18th birthday. This would mark my love for posing in front of the camera [read narcissism]. Hey, there's nothing wrong with loving myself!

The last shot was just taken yesterday when we went to Griffith Observatory just above the Los Feliz neighborhood in California (more photos later).

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