Saturday, September 27

Thanks Boss!

It's Sunday morning here in the Philippines... 9:51 am... before I wrote this I read your blog again boss... and believe it or not I cried.. tears didn't just flow... I was crying out loud... good thing shine was (is) here to comfort me... she stood up.. I really don't know why... wagged her tail and looked up at me, placed her head on my knee... that was enough to bring me back to the precious moments we share together boss... people seldom see me cry... but most of my close friends, my love ones, the public, saw me cry on our wedding day... and I was even teased by your cousins and naturally defending myself told them something was in my eye... but both of us know the truth... the reason for those tears... and I cried again today... maybe I'm emotional when I'm tired (today being the aftermath of the party) nevertheless I still cried... today is my birthday but I opted to celebrate it with friends and family yesterday (Saturday, 09-27-2008)... today, I'm planning to spend the day alone, maybe on the phone with you boss... and later a trip to the church to thank God for giving me the best year of my life since (hoping for more to come)...

But before I forget I would like to thank my friends who graced my party with their presence.. and of course my family... To Boss's Dad (also my Dad now since were married heheeh) for taking the time off to be here and of course to my Mother-in-Law, Mom Eve... To Ma Sae and Pa Roy... To my Pa and Ma( thanks a lot... I love You)... and to my Bro-in-Law who did all the cooking (including the nice presentation)... and to Ate Pearl... Thanks a lot 'Te.. I'm so blessed to be have this family... (I'm not ashamed to say it but I'm crying right now)...

And to you boss... Thank you very much... I'm confessing my Love to you again today and shouting it out to the whole world... Most couples only get the chance to confess their love publicly on their wedding day.

Anyways, before anything gets in my eye again hehehe.. I promised boss pictures of the food... I may not be the best photographer but here goes... hopefully boss will edit and arrange the pics... I love you boss.. you and no other...

Fried Chicken

Deviled Eggs





Sweet and Sour Fish

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