Friday, September 26

Happy Birthday Pyertubs

I don't know how to say this especially since quite a few might read this entry. I'm sorry for not being there with you right now. Sometimes, life isn't fair at all but at times, it cannot be avoided. I know you understand what I mean.

Where do we go from here? I've thought about that constantly since the time that I left. After every thing that we have been through it seems that fate takes cruel pleasure in tearing us apart. I think you know what I mean. But despite all the heartache and struggle, fate was kind to us, albeit for only a few months.

Perhaps there is a purpose for this separation. I know the first time we were apart made us closer than we were before. It made us see our relationship in a different light and strengthened our love for each other.

I am not surprised to see that despite the distance, our love is still as strong as ever; maybe even stronger. It might seem like such an insignificant thing right now, but all our short talks almost daily is the highlight of my day. Your short messages, a ray of light to my somewhat dreary life.

I know I may sound so melodramatic but that's exactly how I feel. I sometimes stop and think about how I got so lucky to meet you. It seems like yesterday when we first went out together and yet it seems like I've known you for ages. You might not know it but I am proud to stand by you as your wife.

Our life may not be as perfect as what we would have wanted it to be but I know we can make it perfect. Sooner or later, we would be blessed and get what we deserve and I hope that it would be more than what we hoped for.

I may be melodramatic boss, but hey, we complement each other. I love you boss. Happy Birthday.
You and no other, the heart conquers all.
Your Love

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