Tuesday, July 1

Where do we go from here?

Where do we go from here? Have you ever asked yourself this question? After everything you've done and been through, what next? You've done this and done that, you are where you are right now, what next? Is that all there is to life? Have a job, kids. Is that all? Have you ever wanted more? Feel like something is lacking? But you just don't know what it is. What is the reason why you are in this world? To be a doctor? Lawyer? Nurse? Are you living right now to please your Parents? Neighbors? The Community? Or you should live life as you want , without a care, only to please yourself. Are you living your life to the fullest?


This is my first time blogging and I couldn't think of anything smart to say or talk about. After the more than a few bottles in college (daily) and the *toot* (this is my my of censoring. hehehe) I think my brain cells have been damaged enough for me to be able to think of a topic right away. anyways just go over paragraph one (1) and think about it. Are you contented? Are you happy? This is deep. It even got me to pause and think. Is there really more to life? Life after Death? We've heard these questions before, but have we really thought about it.

Think about it! Reflect!

P.S. (a.k.a WARNING) I will be airing my side and we'll see what really happened. Hmmm I smell a war brewing here. Battle of the sexes so they say..

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