Wednesday, August 20


Taking over the world!! Well not literally! But even though we had a dismaying display in the current "Beijing Olympics" I'm still proud to call myself a "Filipino".

Yes we do have our share of "Bad Seeds" but now we are proud that we also share the spotlight with some of the BIG stars in sports, music etc..

Maybe there have been lots of blogs about these guys but I'm still taking the time to write this down. For "Added Emphasis" so they say! Wifey said Mom-in-Law's word's were "taking over everywhere", actually my inspiration to write this blog!!!

Let's start with "Arnel Pineda" the new vocalist of "Journey," a band who rose to fame in the 80's. If you haven't heard the new Journey with Arnel as front man singing their classic hits you're missing half of your life!

Still regarding music, have you heard of Charice Pempengco? This kid has shocked lots of people with her voice. Actually I've only heard a few, but man, it brought goosebumps to places I couldn't imagine.

And who could forget "Efren The Magician Reyes." Well I guess only pool fans could recognize this this guy.

And the Almighty Manny Pacquiao. A household name in the Philippines and every boxing fan all over the world. If Manny retires in the next few years who could guess if he pursues his singing career he would be as famous as the King of Pop (if his vocals cords are not damaged by his stints in the ring hahaha).

I've also heard that Filipino Cooks are also taking over. Would you know that the Cook in the White House and the Beijing Olympics have Filipino roots? You can correct me if I'm wrong don't want to be the start of this rumor! hahaha!

Who would know, 5 years from now I'd be famous and you'll be proud to say I read the blog of this guy!! hahahahaha

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