Friday, August 22

Pyertubs & Z's Dream Wedding

It's finally here! We just got our wedding videos from Jim Ubalde and we watched it, albeit in different countries but what else can we do? When I got off the phone a few hours ago, I immediately checked out the uploaded videos. My cousin uploaded this for me and they were uploaded in segments. No matter, I still enjoyed it and reminisced.

I am still in a state of shock and disbelief every time I think about me being married. I know it's been five months since I got married but I only lived as a wife for only three of that five months.

Pyertubs and I were so happy when we finally got hitched (eh?). In fact, five years ago, we couldn't even imagine getting married. Seeing this video transported me into the past and see our day in slow motion.


Most of you might have read somewhere that our wedding day had a few bloopers. Sure, there was a freak black out that lasted from 3 PM to 11 PM, we messed up a few really important lines while saying our vows (all caught on tape), and to top that off, I was sick! Pyertubs didn't fare well either. On our day, he was seen hauling plastic chairs and arranging our house for the wedding after party.

Despite our wedding mishaps, we had a blast! But we wouldn't have done it without the help of Grace Sycip, our wedding stylist and the brainchild of The Creative Concepts. She helped make our wedding a success, definitely unique and very memorable. It was definitely a match made in wedding heaven when we teamed up because I had my ideas coupled with her expertise and other unique ideas, she pulled off a wedding that was simply amazing.

Wedding Introduction

Church and Reception


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