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Long Distance Relationships

Long. Distance. Relationship. Those are three words that couples dread hearing. Picture this: person 1 is in the Philippines while person 2 is somewhere on the other side of the world. Mind boggling, I know but this phenomena is occurring to a lot of couples. Reasons for having LDRs (Long Distance Relationship) may vary but one thing remains a common denominator: it is difficult.

A lot of couples these days are forced to live apart to secure a better future for their family. Philippine economy has taken a drastic fall these days and prices have gone sky high. Families need to struggle to make ends meet and find other forms of sideline or work on the side just to get through the month: just like living from paycheck to paycheck. Other people are even selling off bodyparts and/or organs (and heaven knows what else!) just to have a quick fix to their current problems.

Maintaining a relationship is difficult enough and adding distance to the equation makes it even more difficult. I may not know statistics (they're just numbers anyway) regarding this phenomena but I know a lot of people who are going through this predicament right at this moment. Heck, I am one of those who is trying to make a long distance relationship work.

For some, LDRs are convenient. I mean, who doesn't want to have a stable relationship (of some sort) and still claim that he/she is single? It's complicated but many have been doing this for a long time. Some are married but when they leave their town, city, or even country; they start using their "single" persona. Scary, isn't it? We never know if a person we meet on the street is married or not! Heck, some might even date them, or worse, marry them! Not everyone wants to shout out loud that they aren't available. Although, I am not saying that everyone wants to have an illusion of being single.

Some even think that LDR fights are a breeze. You don't hear the nagging voice of a wife or the angry yells of a husband all night long. You can just turn off your cellphone, be invisible on your YM, yank the cord of your landline phone and you're all set. No one can reach you at all: especially your partner! Unfortunately, these antics can give you a one-way ticked to splitsville. Honestly, this isn't a good way to solve fights.

My hubby and I have been apart for almost three months now. That's even longer than we have lived as a married couple! True, we have been dating for almost seven years before we went ahead and tied the knot, but that is not the same as being married. Sure, we seldome have fights and we call each other everyday but it's still not the same.

Undoubtedly, modern technology has made our relationship work out fine so far. It is also quite easy to send a text message to my hubby just to tell him that I am thinking of him; he does the same as well. True, it can never compare to the real thing but we have to find other ways to show that we care.

Why am I blabbing about my marital problems? all over the blogosphere? No, I am not asking for your pity but I just want to let you know that this blogger, is trying to make a long distance relationship work.

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