Tuesday, August 12

Weekly Fest: Memorable Kisses

I wouldn't call this kiss our most memorable kiss. True, this was taken on our wedding day and we were all smiles in spite of a few technical difficulties (the black out); but when I recall a memorable kiss, our first kiss comes to mind. I know it sounds corny and I know pyertubs would agree that it is corny but I just want to share that memorable experience.

I don't know if pyertubs planned it or not but that moment was like a scene out of a movie. It was dark, the full moon was at its peak and we were alone on a deserted beach. I don't remember the date exactly but I remember the place which I will be keeping a secret...for now.

We sat on one of the water breakers and started to talk quietly. I could hear the lapping of the waves and smell the salty breeze. It was perfect. I couldn't ask for a better moment.

It was at that moment when he stole a kiss from me! I was speechless! It seemed that the kiss turned my mind into mush. He just looked at me and then stole another kiss, and another, and another....

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notre amour conquiert tous (our love conquers all) by betterthanezrah
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