Thursday, September 4

My Baby Sly

It has almost been three months since I last saw my baby Sly. I know this sounds crazy but this pup (I know he is a dog but I still call him a puppy) has been attached to me since his birth in 2004.

I've been pretty bent on spoiling him; letting him sleep on my tummy, letting him jump up in my bed, heck I think he even peed on it! It's a good thing that I placed a thick old blanket under him so my bed was safe. He is a permanent fixation in my room and despite the fur, I humor him. I even taught him how to open my door; well he pushes it when I say "open the door, Sly."

Pyertubs can attest to the fact that I am a bit partial when it comes to Sly and I do spoil him a lot. But that doesn't mean I don't care about mommy Shine. However, Shine is pretty much attached to Pyertubs; the traitor! How she became attached to Pyertubs will be blogged in another post because it doesn't fit with my ode to Sly.
Sadly, Sly is sick this past few months but hubby swears he is doing good. I hope he does, I can't wait for him to greet me when I get back! I miss his doggy smell, too!


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