Monday, June 30

Chronicles of Love: The First Date

Oh, I'm sure you had really romantic thoughts when it came to your first date, right? Well, in our case, it was totally 100% unromantic! Picture this: I was a really nervous teenager, wasn't allowed to date at all, and we spent a few hours watching a two back-to-back movies that were totally forgettable (in fact, we still can't remember what the two movies were about). We didn't do a lot of talking though (tsk tsk tsk, it's not what you think!) because we didn't want to disturb others watching the movies. Well, I think they were watching the film, but I doubt it!
This date started with tempers almost flaring up. As usual, I was late. Boss kept on calling me to make sure that I was on my way and not standing him up. Well, a girl has to dress up for the big date, right? I had to assure him for the umpteenth time that I was already on my way. With that out of the way, we entered the movie house and found our seats. However, what I really deem unforgettable on that date was his feeble attempts to seduce errmm kiss me! Of course I didn't allow it! Sweet, innocent me! I was still hesitant to give in to his suave? moves because I thought he was just playing and didn't think he was serious (boss, you are welcome to speak out now). Thinking about it now just brings a smile to my face.
Hmm, you might be thinking that this would be our last date and it was...for a time. For reasons that boss explained to me later, we stopped communicating after that. I just pushed it away as something that was hurtful but not devastating and really thought that it was a good thing that I didn't give in and kissed him. Whew! I was off the hook. I did call him a few times after that but stopped when I got the feeling that he was distracted.
We re-connected when I saw him again while the cab (pedicab!) stopped at his place and it turned out that his mom was riding the cab with me! Must be destiny! He called me up a few minutes later and we set up another date. This time, it was more romantic. He didn't make any moves on me though, which I really appreciated. Thinking about those times immediately brings a smile to my face. His wacky text messages to me that both of us only understood was really sweet.
It took me quite a long time to really believe that his intentions were true because our relationship was pretty complicated (believe me, it really was).
I know it's cheesy but I remember this song by Firehouse when I think of those times. I know boss would know why. I love you, boss*

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