Friday, July 4

Inter-Barangay Pool Tournament

So, Boss is joining an Inter-Barangay (more info on this later) Pool Tournament back in Dumaguete City. It's supposed to be a sports fest of some sort and I don't even know what it's called yet (I didn't ask for more info. typical me). I just got off the phone with him and he told me he was joining. Well, he is pretty good with pool (but I'm biased!), as far as I've seen but what do I know?
I reminded him to bring the cam with him for picture ops (but typical guy that he is, I'm sure he will forget he brought the cam with him) and video ops for him to post on this blog. He asked if it would be alright to post some (when he has them) on this blog. Well, it's our blog and he is welcome to post whatever he wants, right?
Moving on. We're going to Universal City Walk in a few minutes to check out what's happening. Hmmm...I'll blog about it when I get back.
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I'm outta here!

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