Saturday, June 28

Chronicles of Love: Nah, We're Just Friends

It has been quite a long time since I thought about the time when boss and I met. Well, we didn't exactly meet at the time that we got to know each other. Since the advent of technology, many people have used it to find love and I'm sure most of you would agree with it that finding love through those means is as effective if not, more effective, than the traditional one. However, I'm not talking about the Internet. I am talking about the telephone. Yes, it's back to basics for us, though not for lack of modern gadgets.
It all started when a common friend started texting me one night a few weeks before my senior graduation in high school. He was hoping that we could meet up since our common friend was staying at boss' place which was just down the block. Well, since I didn't know him at that time (I am a homebody, only venturing out of doors to go to class or hang out with my friends), I refused. I mean, what's a girl to do when she knows full well the guys were a few years older than her? Anyway, they opted to call me just to talk. Hmmm, typical guys. I'm sure they had other things on their mind but I thwarted their plans.
The first time boss and I had our phone conversation ended up with me haging up on him and refusing to speak to him again. When I ask him about it now, he still can't remember what pissed me off (I don't either).
We ended up not speaking to each other for a few months until after graduation when I was out of time and our cellphone service provider went whack. Of course, being the smart people that we are, we took advantage of it. It was three full months of free texts and free calls and we basked in its glory. I could remember our second conversation which was practically small talk: where I am, how I was, and all that jazz. We continued texting back and forth after that. Little did I know that that would be the start of our confusing relationship.
We didn't formally go out as a couple for almost two years after our first date (oh, that would be another post). We went out together but we always referred to each other as "friends." I know, it sound so "showbiz" but that was that. I guess we were deluding ourselves into thinking that if we kept on telling each other that we were "just friends," we wouldn't fall in love with each other. Seven years later, here we are, married to each other.
It took us quite a few trials to get to where we are now and I can say that we are stronger because of them.

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