Saturday, December 27


I can feel you
You're near me
With me, beside me
But I awake
And that's all it was
It's all just a dream

The tears that fall
They fall for you
Eternal loneliness
For sure, without you
I catch my breath
It's all unreal

Can we just go
With you by my side
But tides have changed
You're swept away
The sound of your voice
Engraved in my mind

Don't you know
This will never be over
We're together
But physically apart
Still it's you
You're in me too

It's a poem that I wrote last night because I couldn't sleep. It's not polished, mind you since it has been eight years since I last wrote a poem but it is what I feel. I have been thinking about a collab boss, don't you think it's time we do that? We tried it once, but failed. I know I'm dropping hints here and I hope we can do it. I think it's time you take out your guitar and refine this poem. Love you.

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