Monday, August 18

Weekly Fest: Wacky Pics by Pyer & Z

I am one person who admits that wacky pictures are not my forte at all! In fact, it took me quite a few hours to find wacky pics with ME in it. Oh, pyertubs has no problem with the wacky stuff because he loves to make wacky, not to mention weird, faces at me. Unfortunately for me, he loathes getting his wacky shots taken which explains my lack of goods on the said topic.

There were a few times where I managed to catch a few "wackiness" on cam and here they are. All of these pics where taken a last year except the pic where I kissed him; that was three years ago.

Pyertubs surprises me sometimes. He's one of those guys who is always a class clown and is always ready with a few jokes and a few tricks up his sleeve. This makes us total opposites. I am what you call, a homebody and one who usually stays in one corner. I know my friends would raise their shaped eyebrows at me but that is the truth. I only let loose when I am with my close friends or with pyertubs.

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