Wednesday, July 2

Boss is in a Posting Frenzy

It seems that Boss is in a posting frenzy. Ah, it seems that he is starting to enjoy it. Well, my brain is drained right now and I am not yet ready to reveal another Chronicles of Love entry so I'm going to blog about the series that Boss and I enjoyed before. Some were pretty much discovered by him and I just went along with it when I found out that they were watch worthy.
  1. Smallville - We used to watch this a lot back when it was still in its first few seasons. I was in a buying frenzy at that time and bought a DVD whenever it was available. We stopped watching the episode however, well into the 6th season when the plot became pretty weird and far out.
  2. One Tree Hill - I wasn't in Dumaguete at this time but he YM-ed me and told me about this new series (this was back in '05) and told me to check it out. Yup, we loved it and we couldn't help rooting for Brooke!
  3. Heroes - I couldn't reisist downloading the Heroes Pilot episode when I heared about it. True enough, both of us enjoyed it a lot. I must say that my favorite hero is Hiro Nakamura because he just looks cute in his naivete. We're still waiting for the third season, though and I hope we can watch it together, too.
  4. Monk - Yes, we love the freaky OCD detective!
  5. CSI - CSI Supreme Sunday on AXN is where we usually watch the CSI marathon. We miss it sometimes but we try to catch up on them within the week.
  6. Avatar: The Last Airbender - I know. Cartoons. Anime. Or whatever you call it but it's one of our secret pleasures. We love Avatar and we watched the marathon before I left. The finale will be on I think in Septemer (I'm not sure) so I still need to check when they will show it.
  7. That 70's Show - Who doesn't like Ashton Kutcher? I know boss loves sitcoms and I didn't even start watching them when he didn't tell me to watch it with him. So now, I'm a 70's Show fan and love watching their reruns.
  8. The Simpsons - I hate Homer. I love watching Homer's antics. I know Boss loves The Simpsons so I try to humor him and watch with him. I usually end up asleep afterwards!
  9. My Wife and Kids - Monday Night Laughs on Star World is something we never miss and My Wife and Kids is on our list. Yep, the antics of Michael really crack us up! Of course, I'm the fanatic and not him.
The list goes on and on. Hmm, I'm pretty much stumped right now. I miss those marathons Boss. Hope you miss them as much as I do. Over and out!

P.S.: Hope you like your sig!

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Addendum: I forgot ti mention our ultimate fave (ironic, right?) HOUSE! Ah, the sarcastic, cynical, A-hole doctor. Who wouldn't love him? Hugh Laurie does portray a good "bad doctor" in House. Most of all, we love the series because they center on the medical cases and how Dr. House solves them unlike Grey's Anatomy (we DON'T watch this at all!) where s*x and hook-ups are the highlight of each episode.

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