Saturday, July 19

Mitchteryosa Asks: Boys Night Out?

On July 19 Mitch asks "Do you allow your partner to go on a night out alone (means without you around)?"

So what would be my take on that? Well, I do allow him to go on a "boys night out." Of course, they usually end up back at my place and I happily join them once in awhile and end up being the only female in the group! Sometimes, he even drags me along and I really don't mind. They're a funny bunch to be with.
When we were still dating (and even when we got married), hubby usually asks tells me that he and his buddies will be going on a night out. Who am I to say no? I don't want him to think that I am possessive (even though I am!), so I let him do his thing. What I love about this arrangement is that I also get my ME time. I am a loner so I usually end up curled up with a good book or playing games which I cannot do (or try not to do) when he is around.
Guys also need time to be goofy with their buddies; whether it's a drinking session or jamming session, they want to have an off-limits-to-girls time where they can do whatever guy thing they want. I do draw the line when it comes to adding other women in the picture.
Thankfully, hubby tells me who he's with and what he is doing even though I don't ask him. It's like an unspoken rule originating way back when things were not that clear between us. In turn, I also tell him whenever I am with my friends or going somewhere without him.

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