Saturday, July 5

Food for Thought: Homer Simpson

I think everyone knows Homer Simpson. Cool guy, meaning: Lazy, Stupid, Insensitive, Naive, Bad role model, and did i say STUPID? But his antics have lead to the longest running animation series on television. Not to mention the well-brought-up Bart Simpson. (Do I smell sarcasm here?) These bunch of guys are really not your average family. Or are they? Well I think they are! Minus the exaggerations of animation they clearly depict an average family. They are even better than others if I should say! (if you dare to question this just leave a message, I'd be happy to elaborate).

But why do people watch this show? Do they want to compare their family with this Stupid family? That they are living a better life than the Simpsons? Or they just want to be entertained? Think of a REASON why someone watches this show? If you know someone who does, please ask him/her.

I think (if my opinion matters to you) that people watch this show because they relate to the different characters. Homer: the regular Dad, sometimes jobless, watches TV with a beer in hand, goes to a BAR (Moe's) with friends, did i mention Stupid? Marge: typical housewife, concerned about the kids, nags homer, and more or less has a good head on her shoulders Bart: who wouldn't want to be Bart! Does everything he wants, bully's his sister, don't you wish you could every prank in the book to anyone you want? Lisa: smart kid, has all the answers, underrated, I'd want to be this character, wouldn't it be awkward if Bart and Lisa changed roles? and Maggie: cute kid. (What? That's all i can say)

Homer the safety Inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Power plant doesn't know a thing about safety. And the gags and bloopers you see are typical in any family.

But the good things is, whatever mishaps, it always has a happy ending. It's just animation you say? Well you learn a lot from this guys, they stick it through thick and thin, after all the problems they have( which a typical family usually have). But they are still together. And generally a VERY HAPPY FAMILY!!

Maybe you haven't thought about it! Wouldn't you like to have that kind of Family? Don't you envy their Family?


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