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Invite Dillemas

The pros and cons of printing invitations.

Professionally Printed Invitations
Beautiful raised lettering
Professional quality
Guaranteed superior quality for your once-in-a-lifetime event
Less personal time involved than printing your own invitations
Easy selection of paper and design options
Clear printing quality
Worry- and hassle-free ordering
Allows you to concentrate on other plans for the event
Proofreaders catch mistakes for you
The company printing your invitations will take responsibility for errors, should they exist
Do not have to buy all the supplies, ink, fonts and paper
Order all of the matching parts (enclosures, thank you notes, glassware, books) at one time
Wide variety of invitation styles to choose from
Additional options such as lined envelopes

You don't get to know how well your home computer or printer works
You don't have the satisfaction of creating your own invitation
Expense and beginning monetary costs may be more than printing them on your own
May not be as creative as the bride likes
Extra costs for colored ink or extra lines

Printing your Own Invitations
Learn how your home computer and printer work
You create your own invitation
The beginning monetary costs may be lower
Creativity with papers and layouts

Printer frustrations
Getting the paper to feed correctly through your printer
Time to set up and print documents
When you are planning a big event, you don't want to be worrying about invitations as well
Cost and time involved trying to find the perfect papers, font and verse for the invitation
Limited design options due to home printer restrictions
Limited font selections
If you make a mistake, you need to start over
Stress of fitting the invitation to size onto a card

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