Wednesday, July 30

Mitchteryosa Asks: Online Flirting?

I almost forgot about this weekly meme hosted by Mitch. I was just so busy with my "project" that I forgot to follow through with my meme commitments.

This week's question is about online flirting. Oh boy, I can definitely relate! Hope hubby reads this! :)

On July 26 Mitch Asks "What would you do if you ever caught your partner flirting online?"

The Internet: the root of all evil. It is true! How many times have relationships ended because of the Internet? You can't even count how many times couples have waged war because of the Internet.

While the Internet is a good avenue to meet new friends and start relationships; this spells trouble for the average couple. Usually, when a person is online, they tend to forget the time and their responsibilities. It is so easy to lose yourself in cyberspace that reality takes a backseat. I am starting to get off topic here so I'd like to revert to the question at hand: I have never caught my hubby flirting online. Perhaps, a lot of females frequently drop by his Friendster profile but usually, they are students under him during his stint as an instructor for the Red Cross. As for flirting with them, I think it is beyond him. Oh, I am not so pompous as to think that he wouldn't look at other women! However, I'd love to think that I am the only woman stamped in his heart (I'm hinting here Boss!).

As for catching him flirting online? I will not go to the extremes and check his accounts, YMs and emails every five seconds. We've been through this before and we usually ended up fighting. I trust him and he trusts me. Let's keep it at that.

Have I been flirting online? Nah, it's too much trouble and my conscience won't allow it. I don't chat with people I don't know and I've sworn off mIRC. I Plurk only for entertainment and to while away the monotony of life.

Hubby and I have been through this before. He's the only man in my life. He's the only man in my heart.

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