Wednesday, February 20

32 More Days to Go!

Ah well! After a long lull in my posting frenzy (I was in a state of blog addiction a few months back wherein I made about 4 blogs and now only three are left active!), I am now posting new updates about my up-coming wedding.

I never realized planning a wedding AND going to school IS really HARD! But, here I am, doing both. To add to this, I am also graduating - I HOPE! So far, everything is going smoothly and I am barely hanging there. At least I have a wedding planner to help plan some of the details - yeah I'm seeing her tomorrow night to update our plans and ideas - now it's a frenzy of planning from here!

Anyway, we are now in the process of putting together our invites. Yeah, yeah, I know it's really long overdue but I think we still have time to send them out before March. Here is a photo of our invite inspiration. Yeah, I'm not showing you the ACTUAL INVITE. I mean, where's the fun when you've already seen how our invites would look like?Our Invite Inspiration

We are also updating the guest list (awwww a lot of people really want to get invited). So if you're not part of the guest list, you will just have to make do with the after party! :)

Now, what is really hillarious is that there are some people who would really want to be in the BRIDAL ENTOURAGE! That's right, even if I DON'T KNOW THEM! Can you imagine?! Requesting, if not demanding to be part of the entourage when they aren't even aquainted with me? No matter that they are relatives, but they aren't CLOSE relatives, mind you! Accckk this is really HARD!

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